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Das Bild der Anderen

Platform für Partnerprojekte auf Deutsch in http://www.bild-online.dk .

The Image of the Others

A partner project for English as a second language.

L'Image des autres

Après ?Das Bild? est venu ?The Image? et voilà maintenant L?Image.


is a German initiative to support scientific environmental projects. Some of the projects are sponsored by the Comenius - Socrates action.

Environment & Health

Teacher resources for the teleproject "Environment & Health".

Women all over the World

The site for the project 'Women all over the World'. Female students have to become more active in using the Internet and other infotechnology. We need to create areas where women are exposed as good examples for younger women in society. The project core is to collect and publish on webpages information on women who have had influence on society in various ways and fields in each country. They could be active in professional life today or historical persons from each country involved. Identical questions will be put to the persons to compare similarities or differences.


Transnational educational projects using the project
method and ICT in in-service-training for teachers.

Sea your Future

The European Contest "Sea your Future" is organised under the auspices of the 'European Collaborative for Science and Technology Exhibitions' (ECSITE). The Dutch part of the contest is being conducted by the Dutch Foundation for Science and Technology Communication.

Energy on the Move

Energy on the Move is made possible through the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, The European Commission, The Foundation Science & Technology Week
The project is organised by the Foundation Science & Technology Week in cooperation with DUO Onderwijsmarketing and the University of Amsterdam.

School Link's U.S. / Japan

ESP-national coordinator for USA Sheila Gersh is involved in many Schoollinks between the USA and Japan.

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